Here are the three key features of motor insurance

1. Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive motor insurance covers you and your vehicle against both natural as well as man-made calamities. It offers you complete peace of mind, and assures you are secured against any financial losses arising from damage or breakdown of your vehicle.

In addition to a comprehensive list of natural calamities, it also covers man-made calamities like theft, burglary, riots, strike, malicious acts or terrorist activity, as well as damage in transit.

The insurer offers comprehensive motor insurance coverage for cars and two-wheelers at affordable premiums.

2. Liability only

While the comprehensive policy provides coverage to you and your vehicle, the third-party liability plan covers only external parties. This is a mandatory component of motor insurance in India.

The insurer offers liability only policies for commercial vehicles such as goods and/ or passenger-carrying vehicles, private and public carriers, and other special types of vehicles. But it does not stop just at that. This policy offers personal accident cover for the owner or driver, including accidental death and total disability.

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3. Possibility to include add-ons

Add-ons are additional features that can be added to a motor insurance policy to enhance its coverage. This is important because standard motor insurance policies have exclusions like mechanical/ electrical breakdown, damage to the engine, normal wear and tear of the vehicle and consumables, etc.

Add-ons can help you reduce these limitations and expand the coverage. Some of the key add-ons are:

  • Engine protector- It covers damage to the engine or gearbox, caused due to water ingression or leakage of the lubricating oil
  • Key and lock replacement cover- It provides for the cost of new locks and replacement keys, in the event of irrevocable loss
  • Depreciation shield- It covers the depreciation amount on the damaged parts that are allowed for replacements
  • 24x7 spot assistance-It offers many benefits, including the transfer of occupants, hotel accommodation, repairs, towing the vehicle, replacing flat tyres, and more. If your car is immobilised anywhere, you can get full assistance.